Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yesterday I was looking at some other old pictures and this one caught my eye.

We had just moved down here and it was just the four of us. We didn't know anyone and we were in a brand new place. It was really a great time for me because there were no other distractions. The kids weren't caught up with their friends, I wasn't busy with church stuff and Jeff had just started a new job. We could and did focus on spending time together and exploring our new area.

This day we decided to try out one of the many walking trails that our county offers. This particular park had a couple of trails to choose from with lots of streams and a big pond. It was a crisp, sunny fall day and the four of us and Nemo set out on an adventure. The girls were enjoying looking at the "stuff" that could be found in the stream and I snapped this shot of them crossing over a bridge.

This picture is a reflection of what I hope will be the girls relationship for many years to come. Quietly content, comfortable with each other and enjoying the exploration of all the great things this life has for them!


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