Tuesday, December 1, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Growing up we always had a fake Christmas tree. Jeff, I think, always had a real tree. So when we got married we started our tradition of getting a real tree. Once with had kids we started the tradition of going and cutting down our tree. I was thinking about it when we went this past Saturday how many years we've shared this tradition now. It's got to be at least ten years. So I went looking on my hard drive for any pictures of us cutting down our tree......

2005 - me and the girls checking out the trees.....

The big, strong dad cutting down the tree

Me and the girls dragging the tree out of the woods (that didn't last long - we were laughing too hard to move it)

2006 - Picking out a tree, so many to choose from......

Nemo came along for a romp on the farm

Here is another one overlooking the beautiful horse farm next to the tree farm.

These were the pictures from this Christmas. Last year we got our three from Home Depot (yeah, cheesy) and the year before we had a $50 FAKE tree because we were living in the "cottage" so this year we were back to our tradition and went back to the same farm as we did in the picture above.

And we had to do another shot like the one the first year we lived here. Wow, the girls have grown up.

I am so happy that they still like to participate in our family tradition of picking and cutting down our own tree. It makes this Mommy very, very happy.


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