Monday, March 2, 2009

Signs of Spring....

Well The Inspired Room had a post on her blog about what she was looking forward to with Spring. I thought that would be a good post, since it is SNOWING here and we have about 7 inches on the ground with probably a couple more still to come. It is March 2nd right?

Now, I know I live in New Jersey but you have to understand. We moved to Central Jersey almost 3 years ago. In those three years we didn't get anything more than a dusting until this year when a month or so ago we got like 2 or 3 inches. So in 3 years we had only gotten like 3 inches. When we lived in North Jersey we had winters of 3 or 4 snowstorms EACH totalling a foot of snow. So this is a big deal down here.

I was hoping and praying for snow all winter. I was feeling let down and sad that we didn't get much snow here. But come on now, it's March, March means springtime to me! So this snow, meh, not too happy. (But I did hear it's supposed to be in the 50's by Friday so I'm going to enjoy it today and hope it melts quickly).

But in honor of my faith that spring will be here shortly, here are the 20 things that I look forward to in Spring:

2. The sound of chirping birds
3. Being able to open the windows and air out the stuffy winter
4. Short sleeves
5. Getting to work on the landscaping
6. Inhaling the crisp spring air
7. Getting the motivation to want to clean
8. Tulips, tulips, tulips (my favorite flower!)
9. Spring Break
10. Seeing the new baby foals at the horse farm near by
11. Bike rides with the family
12. Green grass
13. Trees budding and finally bursting
14. Putting away the winter coats
15. Not needing to find matching socks
16. Decorating Easter eggs
17. Staying light later at night
18. Pulling out the patio furniture
19. Daffodils and pansies

Happy Spring everybody, it's on its way!


Walking on Sunshine... March 3, 2009 at 1:07 PM  

Are you happy with all the snow you received? I remember how you were complaining awhile ago and I thought to myself yesterday that you must be enjoying the snow!

I'm looking forward to spring also. Can't wait to open my windows either and let the clean air come in!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room March 3, 2009 at 3:54 PM  

I love the snow because we rarely get it (except for this year where we've had record snowfall!). But, now the thought of the sunshine is definitely getting me giddy! I am hearing BIRDS chirping right now and that is making me so happy!


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