Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some pictures of our home

We've been in our new home now for about 7 months. I have taken my time with putting things on the walls because I have come to like less "stuff" around. And because in the packing, moving and unpacking of the last 3 years a lot of my stuff has gotten ruined unfortunately.

The other thing I realized was that all my pictures were outdated. Pictures of my kids and nieces and nephews from when they were in preschool. (Hello family, that means I need new pictures of all my nieces and nephews). So when Jeff and I decided to spend a morning putting up pictures I went in search of new shots to put into frames as well.

It took up all of a morning and part of the afternoon to basically do this one wall collage. But I absolutely love it.

To the left of the picture there is a beautiful wreath that my two best friends, Ruth and Karen, gave me as a housewarming/Christmas gift. Isn't it beautiful? I think it anchors the collage very nicely.

Then in the middle is me and Jeff's wedding picture. Man, I was nice looking! {wink, wink}

There is a picture of my parents and Jeff's parents, the girls most recent school picture and some other random shots.

This other shot is the wall across from the above wall. This one wall is painted a dramatic red (can't remember the name). It has a vaulted ceiling and I liked the drama that the color added. The color would have been too much for the entire room, but it works here. The wall to the left is a bank of windows. The half wall to the right is all mirrors (so 80's, that will come down eventually). Above the living room is the dining room (which we use as the piano, reading, computer area. That wall has a stripped treatment which I liked but now I think is too busy with the other red wall, so eventually that will go as well.

PS. The collage picture - bottom left (under the wedding picture) is a close up of Megan and Nemo. You can basically only see their eyes, but I thought it was a great shot and also spoke volumes about Megan (she is an animal fanatic!)

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