Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some other details about our new house

So here's some useless information for ya, but hey that's what I promised, right?!


We haven't even lived at our new house yet but my sister and I both had a tick on us and Jeff had the honor of having two on him already! My Beauty #2 is a "tick magnet" as I call her. She's had three in the two years we've lived here! So I am going to have to have some kind of service come in and give me suggestions on what to do, either chemicals, etcetera. I HATE TICKS!

The previous owner planted some nice landscaping and flowers so I'll have a good start - lots of butterfly bushes and lillies. I'm really looking forward to working in the yard and having my flower baskets again. I've really missed that.


Oh for goodness sake the smell is horrible. The yellow on everything is unbelievable. How come I didn't notice the yellow when we were looking at the house? Yes I smelled it but I thought, big deal we'll just paint over it and shampoo the carpets. Yeah, not that easy! We have to have the entire house primed and then painted. Replaced more than 1/2 the carpet, replace all the air ducts and outlet covers and I'm just praying that we get rid of that smell. When I was washing the windows you couldn't believe the yellow just dripping from the windows - all tar. It's a habit that will kill and it is a dirty habit. For those addicted, I know it is very difficult to quit so I feel for them. But it is a very, very horrible thing to start in the first place.

So I think that's all I want to say about the house right now.

Oh yeah, our appliances come today and the cabinets should all be in on Monday or Tuesday. We leave for camp on Tuesday through Friday and then Saturday is the County Fair and Sunday we are going to the beach. So I'm looking forward to having a break from all the house chaos.

But God is good, we are blessed! He is beyond words and I have to keep remembering to think about the positive and be grateful and thankful because it is amazing and miraculous what HE has done for us and in us.


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