Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm never moving again......

Yeah, moving.....meh, not so much! Yes, I am so happy to have our own space again and yes, I'm thrilled that that girls will have their own room, I'll have my office again and a NEW kitchen, but oh boy the stress'll kill ya!

We closed on our house on the 11th of July. Luckily we didn't have to move right out of our rental so we've been doing the renovations without having to live in the chaos.

Here are some before pictures. The furniture and stuff is the previous owner's stuff. Then when it is all done I will post the completed job.

Picture #1 & 2 are of the kitchen - nice orange countertops, huh? Notice the wall in the eating area. That wall is between the kitchen and family room and we took it out for more flow and light to the family room.

This is the girls bathroom and general powder room. I'm going to put a new vanity and shower curtain and then paint.

Pictures 4 This is the living room which will be painted and have new carpet.

This is the family room. This room is now open to the kitchen to the left and will have new carpet, paint and a skylight put in. Eventually I'd like to figure out if I can paint the stone on the fireplace (I don't really like the white bricks - but that will be down the road). The skylight won't go in until after all settled, some time in the fall.

Next we have the master bedroom. We're painting and getting new carpet.

This is the rec room. We're just shampooing the carpet which is a Berber and in good shape. And we'll be painting it.

This is the guest room and my office. I have an actual finished room in the basement for my office, but since I work at home sitting in the basement for 6 hours a day would probably make me crazy. So I'll have my laptop (which I will be getting in the next couple months) in here and the rest of my office stuff in the finished basement. Along with all my scrapbooking paraphernalia!!

These two pictures are of the backyard and pool. I'm not going to do much here this summer as we're focusing on the inside. Eventually I'd like to paint the deck and darker color (thanks to my BIL's suggestion!) As well powerwash the back of the house, build a path from the pool to the deck and cut down a couple of trees.

Thanks for looking and I can't wait to post the AFTER pictures!


~Crystal~ July 24, 2008 at 5:54 AM  

Nice house! Loving the pool!
I have a question & you are probably going to think I'm weird, but in the 2nd picture of the kitchen (the wall you took out), what is the white thing that runs across the bottom? Is it the air conditioning? The heater? We don't have those kind down here in Alabama & I've only seen them on House Hunters & have always wondered what exactly they are?

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