Monday, December 7, 2009


I don't know how much longer the girls will dress up for Halloween. They did dress up this year and they looked so cute. Erica was a sailor and Megan was a hippie.

On Halloween Megan went with Emma to the church harvest party. Erica went as well and was helping with the games and crafts. The church was giving out so much candy, I mean by the fist full. Even our pastor was there handing out candy! They had lots of fun games for the kids to play.

Then later that evening we took Erica, Lindsey, Megan and Abbey to a town near by with a "downtown" so they could trick-or-treat. They had a great time and got lots of candy. It was so much fun because there were so many cute little ones walking by. It made me feel so "homey" and "small town". People who live in the town sit out on their porches and hand out candy and have friends over to see everyone dressed up then they have a parade right down the main street. So cute and so fun.

We told them they can keep going trick-or-treating as long as they're wearing a costume. I can't stand when kids go around trick-or-treating and they aren't even wearing a costume! Megan worse her costume to school this year but not Erica. I think that is a sign of the end of an era pretty soon with Erica.....although candy can be hard to turn down so we'll see if she dresses up next year.


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