Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What is about 11, 12 year old girls? They become OBSESSED with taking their picture. And what is it with that sideways looking, cheek squeezing, lip puckering pose they do....oh and let's not forget about the peace sign.

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Erica went through this when she was 12 but Megan is an "early bloomer" and has been stealing my camera and taking pictures at breakneck speed ever since she turned 11.

A sampling for you....
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From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures

But I can't really complain because she is quite a beauty! My Meggie is growing up. She is very independent, yet hates when Mommy isn't home. She doesn't like to give hugs, but wants me to take the deer with the broken leg that we see by our house to the vet because she can't stand that it may be in pain. She's smart, beautiful, funny as anything, very private and very strong. I can't wait to see where this tween goes in life! It's gonna be great.
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And when she gets there I'll have these pictures to remind her of where she came from!


shirley November 18, 2009 at 7:15 PM  

LOL! My 12 YO does this too! It's because all their friends do it and send each other pictures. So the never ending cycle starts..... Cute pictures!!

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