Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In memory of a very special lady

My Aunt Bea passed away. She was in her later 70's. She lived out in Pennsylvania now and I hadn't seen her in a few years. She and Uncle Karl lived about 45 minutes away from us when we were young. Uncle Karl and me and my brother all share the same birthday. I can remember many times on that day going out to their house to celebrate out birthdays. They always made us feel so special and important to them.

Aunt Bea and Uncle Karl have one child, Lori. But you know what, they had lots of other kids like me and my siblings and my Uncle Ursula's kids and so many of my other cousins. You know why? Because of Aunt Bea. She was loud and crazy, funny and opinionated and boy did she love. She loved with all her heart and she made sure we knew it and she made sure we stayed on the narrow road. If she saw us going off the path she didn't hesitate to say something.

She called me and my brother Stevie and Susie. She gave us gifts at Christmas and our birthday. She made us laugh and she helped raise us into the people we are today.

A lot of my cousins have been commenting on Facebook about how much we are going to miss her. It's a testament to how much she meant to all of us.

In recent years Aunt Bea and Uncle Karl haven't been well. Like I said, I haven't seen them in a while. For a long time now I've been thinking I needed to send her a card and just tell her how much she always meant to me and that I loved her. Oh, I know I have told her I loved her before, but Aunt Bea was the type who liked to hear it more than once! You know, I never sent that card. And now I have such a big regret. I know that I will see her again in heaven some day. I don't doubt that one bit and when I get there I am going to hear that loud and distinct laugh of her's, but I wish I had had one more chance on this earth to tell her that I love her.

So be sure to tell those you love what you think, especially those that you may think, "Oh they know how I feel about them," because you know they may just need to be reminded sometimes.


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