Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In these uncertain times.....

I am doing a special in church in April and I have a song but this song keeps coming back to me and I keep singing it over and over. It's not really in my key and I am thinking about having the worship team play for me because the words speak so clearly to me.

In these uncertain times, the financial chaos, the unrest in the world, the moral decay, concerns for children, family and friends I am so comforted to be reminded...."You were there, You were there in the midst of dangers snare, You were there, You were there ALWAYS."

And these lines remind me to put my complete trust ONLY in HIM...."So haven't I learned that my ways aren't as high as Yours are. And YOU ALONE keep the universe from crumbling into dust."

JESUS ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THERE. Thank you, thank you, thank you my Jesus.

I'm having trouble embedding the video today, but PLEASE clink the link and listen to the song. You WILL be encouraged, I'm sure of it.

You Were There, by Avalon


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