Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am not happy.....

I am not happy about the outcome of the election. It's not because I'm a Republican and "my guy" didn't win. It's not because I hate Obama. It's because it really doesn't matter. Neither of these men have the power to change this country and get it back on track. Most politicians are not out for "the people" but out for who will make THEIR lives better. It's no longer about serving, but about ego. Until this country comes back to its moral foundation (which unfortunately it never will) we will continue to lose ground.

I heard the woman on a youtube video who said she was so excited about Obama because if he became president she wouldn't have to worry about filling her gas tank or paying her mortgage. What? Huh? Uh.....yeah right. People are looking to him to be some sort of a savior and it ain't gonna happen. It wouldn't have happened with McCain either.

I am just not happy because our country has turned its back on God and in doing so we face a difficult future.

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