Saturday, September 27, 2008


Beauty #2 had her 10th birthday at the end of August. She wanted to have a pool party, as we have never owned a pool before so that's what she had. The party was on her birthday and the weather was iffy. I was praying so hard that it wouldn't rain because I had no back up plans for 15 or so 10 year olds to have a party in my house. Luckily the weather was great. In fact it started raining right at 4:00 when the party ended! LOL

After swimming for a while the kids played silly string and then we did water balloon games which were a real hit. Water balloon toss and then water balloon launch where The Man launched the balloons and the kids had to catch them in a blanket. They really enjoyed that.

What a nice bunch of kids. Most of them where from school, then she had a friend from church, her best friend from our old town came down for the weekend and her cousins. I think all the kids had a nice time.

Then on Labor Day we had the family party. We had a barbeque with both families and had a super good time. Here is Me and Beauty #2 posing by her cake. I NEVER get in pictures so I am happy to post one with me for a change.

Some pictures of the family that were at Beauty #2's second party. Especially check out my nephew, riding the "horse" - too cute! It was really nice to have the family over to our home again.

Then for Beauty #2's THIRD party we went to Applegate Farms, which I blogged about previously.

Yeah, three parties is a bit much, huh? Well the 10th birthday is the last big hurrah until 13 and then 16. Only family parties for the other years. But I think she had a great time at each one.

Her present from us was a kitten. He is named Calvin and I'll blog about him at another time. (He is a beauty and so cuddly, I have to say).

So Beauty #2 I just want to tell you that I love you so very much. You are a lot like me and that can somtimes be difficult for both of us. But I see such passion in you, such determination and strength. You have such a love for animals that is really amazing. You are funny, your comedic timing and ironic statements crack me up. I think you are a really strong person who will be a great leader. Allow others to love you and love others, it is scary but such a blessing. I can't wait to see what you will do with your life because I know you have big dreams and God has even bigger plans for you than you can imagine. All my love, Mommy


AMANDA September 27, 2008 at 5:12 PM  

Oh, my goodness! I can't believe that she is 10 already!! Sometimes I forget how much time passes in between our visits and I guess I just expect them to stay the same age.

Tell Meg that Adam and I send our belated birthday wishes. And please give Jeffie Poo a hug from his favorite cousin. :)

Love you all!

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