Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heat wave

Wow, it's been a very hot couple of days here and it hasn't been fun! Living in our little "cottage" as I affectionately call it (LOL) with a window air conditioner in the girls' room and the living room only means I'm pretty cranky by the end of the day. I work in the kitchen and I just have a couple of fans to try to keep me cool. When we cook no one wants to eat because the kitchen gets so hot we're all ready to jump into a freezing shower by the time we sit down. Well I think the heat is supposed to break today and when I gotBeauty #2 on the bus this morning it did seem cooler.

Sunday we celebrated Beauty #1's 12th birthday with a family party which we had at my parents house. It was nice to have all her cousins there and to spend time with both families, there's been too little of that for the last year or so. I plan, once we get into our new home, to do a lot more family time!

By the way, since everyone was there we got to take them over to the new house to show them around. Everyone seemed to like it quite a bit. Here's a picture of the house.....

It's a great contemporary split level with lots of room. We just can't wait to finally get settled again. There's a rec room as well as a family room and living room and an office so that I will be able to have a place to work quietly. The house has a pool, something we weren't looking for, but I'm sure we will enjoy having it. I never thought I'd have a pool. So basically now we're just waiting to close, which is about a month away.

This little "cottage" has served it's time and I have to say the girls were really good about having to share a very small room for a year now. I hope they have learned from it. Beauty #2 has gotten a little bit dependent on being with "Sissy" so I'm sure there will be a time of adjustment having her own room again, but we will be literally right across the hall from her in our new home.

This is the last full week of school and the girls are most definitely ready for a break (and so am I actually). Beauty #1 will be going to sleep away camp again this year (the same one me and my dad went to as kids) Beauty #2 won't be going this year (those sleeping issues) but hopefully in another year she'll be ready for it. She will be doing a one week fencing camp as well as a one week "Teacher 101" camp. Beauty #1 will do a one week cooking camp. The Man, myself and Beauty #2 will go up for about 3/4 days to camp to stay and the pick up Beauty #1 and hopefully in September we'll take a few days and go down to Wildwood Crest.

We'll be doing all of those fun things this summer plus painting the entire house and having a new kitchen and some new carpet put in. It's going to be a busy summer, but boy am I looking forward to it!


Anonymous June 11, 2008 at 2:34 PM  

The house looks great! :) Congrats on your new home. Hopefully we'll see you all soon. Love, hugs, and kisses to all! -Amanda

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