Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Friends.....

It's great to have a best friend. I have written about my best friend in the past (Hi Ruth, I miss you!)

Over the years I have had a few very, very special friends. First there was Julie Fischer. I don't know if she was my first best friend, but she is the first friend I remember having when I was really young. Then there was Dawn. We were best friends all through middle and high school. I, to this day, I still call her mother, Mom #3. (She was Mom #2 but when I got married she had to move down to #3). In college there was my best friend Maria. My partner in crime! I was in her wedding when I was 6 months pregnant and although we live many hours apart we are actually spending New Years tonight with our families. My young adult years included Cheryl who very sadly passed away before the age of 40. And then I met Ruth right before Jeff and I started dating. Karen came into my life when my girls were very young as were her's and I love her very much!

That one very special friend has been a common practice for me. Although I would be considered "outgoing" I have always gravitated toward deeper relationships.

Erica seems to have followed suit. She is a very caring and friendly person. She is a confidante to many, yet she too has a few people in her life that she really shares completely with. When she was just born she met her first best friend, Becky. Even though Becky doesn't live near us anymore the girls have gotten to spend time together over three summers and they still consider each other to be best friends! She just told me the other day that they intend to be in each other's weddings.

When we moved here four years ago she met her "sister," best friend, Lindsey. They are inseparable (believe me, inseparable). Lindsey is a friend from church and so they share a love for the Lord. They laugh, they cry, they share their secrets, dreams, code names and inside stories.

I call Lindsey daughter #3. Maybe I'll be Mom #3 some day too :)


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