Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Vision

Vision Questions for 2009

1. What skill do you most want to learn this year?

I'd like to maybe learn knitting. My pastor's wife does it, and I thought I might like to give it a try. On the personal enhancement side I'd like to learn to not get irritated so quickly. It was in Proverbs 12:16 and it really convicted me today. "A fool shows his annoyance at once." That is me and I want to change that.

2. What is one skill you already have that you’d like to improve this year?

My singing and piano skills. The voice uses a muscle and my muscle is out of shape! I haven't sang much in the last 3 or 4 years and I'd like to change that this year.

3. Name three books you most definitely want to read in 2009.

More of the Bible, don't really know but I would like to read more.

4. In what specific area do you most want to encourage your spouse? What are some ways you can do this?

Praise him more in front of my children, allow him to be the leader of our household. Encourage his walk with the Lord and to give his work stress to the Lord - by praying for him and reminding him to keep giving it to God.

5. Think of one of your major life goals. What will you do this year to make you one step closer to reaching that goal?

Lose weight.

6. Name your kids’ biggest strengths. What are some ways you can specifically nourish those strengths?

Erica's kindness/musical abilities/desire to serve God - encourage her to TRY - don't be afraid to fail or mess up, but keep trying. Encourage her when opportunities come up to minister. Remind her that being "popular" means being kind to everyone and stepping up to back up the underdog.

Megan's leadership/love of horses - encourage her to not be afraid to get back on the horse (she got thrown last year), continue her riding lessons, hopefully get her a saddle this year. Help her to grow up this year, teach her some of the domestic things that Erica already knew at her age (don't baby her so much). Encourage her to take charge and help out at church and school.

7. Name your kids’ most prominent weakness. What are some ways you can encourage their ability to overcome it?

Erica can be a follower or people pleaser. Reminder her that God is the only one she really needs to please. Encourage her to stand up for herself even when it sometimes means that others may not be happy with her.

Megan has a very bad temper (like her mother) and holds her emotions in. Prayer, prayer, prayer that she will open up more and be comfortable sharing her feelings - don't push the emotions too much because that pushes her away. don't let her get away with the yelling and screaming, don't give in to it because that makes her think that is the RIGHT way to respond - punish when necessary.

8. What is one of your strengths? Think of some specific ways you can exercise it this year.

Musical ability - use it more in church by playing the piano, singing, worship, drama and kids choir.

9. What is one of your weaknesses? Brainstorm some ideas on how you can overcome this deficiency.

Procrastination or laziness. Make a schedule for the day and stick to it. Put in times for "goofing off" but get back on track quickly. Have my devotions every day - that makes such a difference! Plan things 15 minutes earlier than I need because I'm always late for everything!

10. Think of an important relationship aside from your spouse and children. How will you nurture that relationship this year?

My sister - call her every week just to say hi. That is important to her. Plan to get together. Send a note every so often. Pray for her.

11. Name a few ways your physical health could be improved.

Lose weight!!! More exercise. Get out of the chair from typing and get outside at least once a day.

12. Name a few ways your family’s financial health could be improved.

Follow a budget - every two weeks sit down with Jeff and plan out or budget from his and my paychecks. (We started this 2 weeks ago)

13. In what way do you want to draw closer to God?

Continue to have my devotions daily. I want to start memorizing some scriptures and then praying them back to God.

14. What is one area of home management that frustrates you? Think of some specific ways you could improve your attitude about it.

CLEANING - I hate to clean, I really do. I have been keeping up with the kitchen, making my bed and straightening up but the real cleaning is so hard for me. Maybe if I planned on focusing on one or two rooms a week (besides the kitchen, my bed and laundry). I think that is doable and not too overwhelming.

15. Have you ever created a family mission statement with your spouse? If so, why not do one for this year?

This is an interesting idea. A family mission statement. I always tell the girls that we are a team and that we each have our part in the team but I think this would be great because when you have a mission you have a goal and when you have a goal you have something to reach towards. Without a goal you never know if you're "making it". I will have to consider doing this with Jeff.

16. Name one specific thing you could do with your spouse this year that will deepen your intimacy.

Write him so love letters. I read an article recently about a couple who have written each other love letters every day for many, many years and it has really enriched their relationship.

17. What is something that is continually undone in your life? What will you do to fully complete it this year?

My weight. My weight just makes everything in my life less than it could and should be. I know it is a hindrance that the devil is using against me and it's got to stop.

18. In what ways will you be involved with your local community?

Hmmmmm, never really thought about this one. Don't really know but I need to do something about that. I am dong a scrapbook club with the after school program at a church.

19. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish by your birthday this year?

Lose 30 pounds.

20. Think of three words you’d like to describe your 2009.

Fulfilling, loving, expanded.

Thanks to for sharing this insightful list. At the end of 2009 I'll be interested to see what progress I've made.


Sara January 12, 2009 at 10:09 PM  
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Sara January 12, 2009 at 10:46 PM  

Welcome back Sue! Great list. If you're interested, I have a bookshelf on my blog highlighting some books I've enjoyed recently. I also have a great family vision tool (though we're still needing to actually USE it, smile) if you want a copy. I'll pray that God shows Himself to you richly in 2009 and that you accomplish all He has planned for you. Glad you're back in the "world of blog."

MidniteScrapper January 13, 2009 at 2:53 AM  

What a great list! I really enjoyed reading and it and trying to think about what my answers would be. I am going to have to print out the questions and share with my ladies at church too. Thanks and glad to see ya again. ;]

~Crystal~ January 16, 2009 at 5:37 AM  

Very cool! I love this list.
My brain just doesn't have the strength to even try one. Haha!

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