Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A first for everything......

Well this is my first post on my new blog. I had a blog for a while, wasn't great at posting so I took it down. But I thought it's a great way to keep up with family life, my life and all the useless info that The Man says I know! I figure I won't share the actual names of my family members, only because I'm paranoid like that. So my husband will be "The Man" and my beauties will be Beauty1 and Beauty2.

Beauty1 is older with big brown eyes, as tall as me with the personality of her father. She is sweet and kind, caring and always thinking about other people's feelings. She is boy crazy (has been since she was 4 years old) and loves music and the arts. Even at 12 she's still snuggly and tells me she loves me very single day.

Beauty2 is my blonde hair/green eyed girl. She looks like my father-in-law and has my personality. The first way I would describe her is as an animal lover. It really drives everything about her. She adores every type of animal, reptile, even some bugs! She is very funny and has a sense of humor beyond her years. She's feisty and "spicy" (one of her words) and makes me laugh just about every day.

The Man is my best friend. He's so giving and selfless. He works hard and I'm so proud of his determination and work ethic. He's cute and hysterically funny. I love his laugh and he has beautiful eyes - hazel.

Then there are the other two member of my family. Nemo and Biscuit. Nemo our Japanese Chin and Biscuit our tabby cat.

Nemo is my little boy. He is smart, loving and timid as a mouth. Basically he sleeps and begs for table scraps! He has rabbit paws, has halitosis and can lick his eyeballs! He's Nems, Nemie, Nums, Numsie, Numo, Pup, Little Boy and my daily companion!

Biscuit is the boss, both he and Nemo know it! He
likes to sleep between my legs at night but never wants to snuggle during the day. He likes people to watch him eat and drinks out of the toilet bowl (I know....gross). He is Biz, Bizzie, Bizzie Boy and Biz Bumps., yeah! So some useful information would be that I'm a WAHM, transcribing for 11 years. I love to scrapbook, read, travel and take naps on my hammock. Some useless information.....I have to check out my celebrity blogs, real estate listings and a couple of other blogs every day. I'm addicted to my email and I hate cleaning the bathroom.

So there you have it, my first post. I look forward to sharing lots of useless information but hopefully throw in lots of tidbits of useful stuff as well as keep a history of this family that means the entire world to me.


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